Company Showcase


Established in 2008, Samumed is a leader in medical research and development for tissue-level regeneration. With their platform’s origins in small molecule-based Wnt pathway modulation, they develop treatment to a range of degenerative diseases, regenerative medicine and oncology. Their pipeline covers osteoarthritis, oncology, CNS  , and other therapeutic fields.

Samumed 成立于2008年,是组织水平再生医学研究和开发的领导者。该公司的平台起源于小分子的Wnt信号通路调控机制,通过该平台公司开发了针对各种退行性疾病、再生医学、肿瘤学领域的产品。该公司的研发管线覆盖了骨科,肿瘤科,中枢神经系统和其他治疗领域。

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