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4D Pharma

4d Pharma Plc (4D) is a UK-based pharmaceutical company focused on developing various projects for new therapeutic areas. The company’s main business is the research and development and development of pharmaceuticals in the field of new living organism therapy. The company has developed research for MicroRx, which is a discovery method that can reasonably select those bacteria that have precise and evolutionary therapeutic effects. The company focuses on immune conditions such as pediatric Crohn’s disease, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

4d Pharma Plc(4D)是一家总部位于英国的制药公司,专注于开发针对新治疗领域的各种项目。该公司的主要业务是在新的活生物治疗领域研发和开发药品。公司已经开发了用于MicroRx的研究,MicroRx是一种发现方法,能够合理地选择那些具有精确和进化的治疗效果的细菌。该公司专注于免疫条件,如儿科克罗恩病,结肠炎和肠易激综合征。