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Established in 2009, Alvogen is a global, privately owned pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling generic, brand, over-the counter (OTC) and biosimilar products for patients around the world.

Alvogen has 350 marketed products, biosimilars, generics which manufactured and sold by Alvogen include solid oral dosage, soft gelatin capsules, modified release tablets, transdermal patches, creams, ointments and injectables, and OTC products.

Alvogen成立于 2009年,是一家位于美国的私有制药企业,是全球发展最快的仿制药公司之一,致力于为世界各地的患者提供高质量的非专利,品牌,非处方和生物仿制药。 

Alvogen现阶段拥有已上市350个已上市产品,生物仿制药(由 Alvogen 生产和销售,其中包括固体口服药物,胶囊药物,缓释片机,透皮贴剂,乳膏,药膏,注射剂),以及OTC产品。