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AUM Biosciences

AUM Biosciences is an oncology-focused biotechnology company that aims to accelerate the development of innovative, affordable medicines for patients in Asia and around the world. AAUM is developing a rationally designed pipeline of small molecule inhibitors that target critical genomic drivers of cancer. AUM Biosciences has entered into a global licence agreement for Inflection Biosciences’ series of PIM/PI3K/mTOR inhibitor molecules.

AUM Biosciences是一家专注于肿瘤学的生物技术公司,旨在加速为亚洲和世界各地的患者开发创新的,负担得起的药物。AUM正在开发针对癌症的关键基因组驱动程序的合理设计的小分子抑制剂产品线。公司已与 Inflection Biosciences的PIM / PI3K / mTOR抑制剂分子系列签订全球许可协议。

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