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NLS Pharmaceuticals

NLS Pharmaceutics is an innovative biopharmaceutical company. Its R&D Focus is based on a strong scientific understanding of neurobehavioral and neurocognitive disorders and their pharmacognosia.The company is engaged in the discovery and development of drug therapies to treat rare and complex central nervous systems disorders. and it  is also conducting research and development activities to expand the commercial potential of leading product candidates, Quilience and Nolazol, and examine the development of other central nervous systems disorders.

In addition to our lead product candidates, Quilience and Nolazol, we have product candidates in their very early stages of development that we may or may not further develop. In addition to Quilience and Nolazol, we may seek to develop these other product candidates or other product candidates that are not currently in our pipeline in order to build a pipeline of product candidates at various stages of development that further complement our rare hypersomnia and complex neurodevelopmental disorder franchises. Additionally, we intend to continue to invest in our discovery research and development programs, with the goal of adding what we believe to be promising new compounds and indications to our product candidate development pipeline.

NLS Pharmaceutics是一家创新的生物制药公司。 其研发重点是基于对神经行为和神经认知障碍及其药理学的深刻科学理解。该公司致力于发现和开发治疗罕见和复杂的中枢神经系统疾病的药物疗法。 除此之外,公司还在进行研究和开发活动,以扩大领先候选药物 Quilience 和 Nolazol 的商业潜力,并研究其他中枢神经系统疾病的发展。

除了主要候选产品Quilience和Nolazol之外,公司还有处于开发初期可能进一步开发的候选产品。 除Quilience和Nolazol外,公司可能会寻求开发这些其他候选产品或当前不在产品线中的其他候选产品,以建立处于不同开发阶段的候选产品线,进一步补充罕见的失眠症和复杂的神经发育障碍专营权的发展。 此外, NLS Pharmaceutics打算继续投资于其发现研究和开发计划,目的是在候选产品开发流程中添加其认为有希望的新化合物。