Company Showcase Ophthalmology


Connexin Therapeutics founded in 2018, it is a developer of a medical platform intended to develop novel drugs to protect vision and prevent blindness. The company’s offerings include discovering novel compounds which protect retinal neurons under threat from glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other ophthalmic conditions, enabling doctors to treat patients with progressive glaucoma and related conditions.

Connexin成立于2018年,是一个医疗平台,旨在开发保护视力和预防失明的新药。 该公司的产品包括发现新型化合物,这些化合物可保护受到青光眼,糖尿病性视网膜病和其他眼科疾病威胁的视网膜神经元,使医生能够治疗进行性青光眼和相关疾病的患者。