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Convalife is a clinically-based new drug research and development company based in China and facing the world. It is committed to the development of innovative drugs in the field of cancer and aging diseases. The company is oriented to the unmet clinical drug needs in China and the world. It is designed and developed with “First- In-Class” or “Best-in-Class” potential of the original innovative drugs, and into the international pharmaceutical market.

甫康健康是一家面向世界的中国临床新药研发公司,致力于开发癌症和衰老疾病领域的创新药物。 该公司致力于满足中国乃至全球未满足的临床药物需求。 它的设计和开发具有原始创新药物的“一流” 潜力,并打入了国际制药市场。