Company Showcase MedTech


Established in 2016, ImmuneOncia is an immuno-oncology-centric biopharmaceutical company whose portfolio includes diverse immune checkpoint is a joint venture company between Yuhan and Sorrento. Yuhan Corporation is a publicly-listed Founded in 2011, KitoTech Medical is a medical device company developing and commercializing products for wound closure and wound care. It has developed and introduced a revolutionary proprietary wound closure product, microMend, onto the market. It incorporates tiny Microstaples on an adhensive backing, which is the size and shape of a butterfly bandage. KitoTech Medical was named one of the top 10 medical device startup companies of 2019.

KitoTech Medical成立于2011年,是一家美国医疗器械公司,致力于伤口闭合和伤口护理产品的开发和商业化。 它已开发出革命性的专有伤口闭合产品microMend,并将其推向市场。 它在粘合剂背衬上结合了微小的Microstaples,即蝴蝶绷带的大小和形状。 KitoTech Medical被评为2019年十大医疗设备创业公司之一。

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