CNS Company Showcase Pain Management


Novaremed Ltd. was founded in 2008 in Israel and reincorporated as Novaremed AG in Switzerland late 2017. Novaremed is developing NRD.E1, an orally-active non-opioid small molecule with a new mechanism of action for the treatment of Diabetic Neuropathic Pain (DPN). In a Phase 2a Proof of Concept study, NRD.E1 showed clinically relevant reduction in patient reported pain. Novaremed is currently preparing for a global Phase 2b study in DPN, expected to start in Q2/3 2020.

Novaremed Ltd.于2008年在以色列成立,并于2017年底在瑞士重组为Novaremed AG。Novaremed正在开发NRD.E1,这是一种口服活性非阿片类小分子,具有治疗糖尿病性神经性疼痛(DPN)的新作用机理)。在2a期概念验证研究中,NRD.E1显示出患者报告的疼痛在临床上有所减轻。 Novaremed目前正在为DPN的全球2b阶段研究做准备,预计将于2020年第2季度开始。