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Ovid Therapeutics

Ovid Therapeutics Inc. is a New York-based biopharmaceutical company using its BoldMedicine® approach to develop medicines that transform the lives of patients with rare neurological disorders. Ovid has a broad pipeline of potential first-in-class medicines. The company’s most advanced investigational medicine, OV101 (gaboxadol), is currently in clinical development for the treatment of Angelman syndrome and Fragile X syndrome. Ovid is also developing OV935 (soticlestat) in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited for the potential treatment of rare developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEE).

Ovid Therapeutics Inc.是一家总部位于纽约的生物制药公司,使用其BoldMedicine®方法开发可改变罕见神经疾病患者生活的药物。 Ovid拥有大量潜在的一流药物。 该公司最先进的研究药物OV101(加波沙朵)目前正在临床开发中,用于治疗Angelman综合征和Fragile X综合征。 Ovid还与武田制药有限公司合作开发OV935(止痛药),以潜在治疗罕见的发育性和癫痫性脑病(DEE)。