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Rodos BioTarget

Rodos BioTarget (RBT) is a biopharmaceutical company developing a targeted drug delivery platform. RBT’s patented TargoSphere® technology enables carrying a broad range of active agents selectively into the center of the immune response – i.e., directly into antigen-presenting cells.

RBT currently applies its TargoSphere® technology successfully in various models of infectious diseases caused by viruses like HCV/ Hepatitis C and HIV/ AIDS and by bacteria like in Tuberculosis, Legionellosis, and MRSA. Yet, any disorder that goes along with either overshooting or insufficient immunity caused by antigen-presenting cells – like chronic inflammations, cancers, allergies, and autoimmune diseases – may be addressed by RBT’s TargoSphere® technology.

Rodos BioTarget(RBT)是一家生物制药公司,致力于开发靶向药物递送平台。 RBT获得专利的TargoSphere®技术能够选择性地将多种活性剂带入免疫反应的中心,即直接带入抗原呈递细胞。

目前,RBT已成功将其TargoSphere®技术成功应用于由HCV /丙型肝炎病毒和HIV / AIDS等病毒以及结核,军团菌病和MRSA等细菌引起的各种传染病模型。RBT的TargoSphere®技术可以解决由抗原呈递细胞引起的任何过度上调或免疫功能不足的疾病,例如慢性发炎,癌症,过敏和自身免疫性疾病。