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Starton Therapeutics. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on transforming standard of care therapeutics. Starton uses proven transdermal technology with proprietary drivers to obtain new indications or develop on-label superiority with a focus on hematology and oncology. Their patch technology obtained from Dr. Mohamad Hussein, currently serve as a professor of Medicine and Oncology at University of South Florida College of Medicine.

Starton Therapeutics.是一家位于美国的临床阶段的生物技术公司。标的公司将成熟的透皮技术与其自主研发的配方相结合,以获得新的适应症。该公司的技术来自于Mohamad Hussein 博士,目前担任南佛罗里达大学医学院的医学和肿瘤学教授。