Oryn Therapeutics to Participate at ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum

By Yafo Life Sciences

December 2nd, 2021 (Shanghai) — We are glad to announce that Robert Erwin, the CEO of Oryn Therapeutics, has been invited to showcase at ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum during Jan 4th – Jan13th. ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum is the largest online corporate access event between China and the western biopharma industry.

If you are interested in listening to the live event, please register at https://biotochina.org/register/

About Oryn

Oryn Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company developing a new class of drug candidates, Orynotides. These proprietary drug candidates are engineered, stable, cyclic peptides with very low immunogenicity and toxicity. 

About the speaker

One of the founders of Oryn Therapeutics, Robert Erwin serves as Chairman and CEO. He has previously served as CEO and as president of two publicly traded biotechnology companies and on boards of several private biotechnology companies.


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