ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum, September 23 – 30th, 2021

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Join us @ ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum!

To apply for a “Presenting Slot”, you need to submit 【1. application form (click to download)】; 【2. your company deck】; 【3. Recorded presentation (optional)】 via the ‘PRESENTER’ button below. Once approved by Forum Organizing Committee, you will be offered the chance to present at ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum. Presenting slots will be given out on a first come, first served basis. 

The application form takes 10-20mins to complete. Please contact Wendi Xiang,

What should presenters expect?

3 Steps


For Global Biopharma Companies
No need to wait for months to spend time and money for a physical event in China. As ACCESS CHINA has several Online Partnering Day events through the year,
you are welcome to join us when you are ready.

For Chinese Biopharma Companies
ACCESS CHINA has strong coverage of pharmaceutical and biotech companies from North America, Europe, MENA, Japan, Korea, and etc. This offers you an ideal channel to meet with potential outlicensing or commercial partners in different regions.

Live day

During the live showcase held at ACCESS CHINA Online Partnering Day, presenters can discuss their pipeline, R&D activities, fundraising goals, and expectations from China market. Event audiences will come from 2,000+ BD Directors & Executives from biopharma companies and PE/VCs.


For audiences missing the live presentations, presentations on demand will be available for one week after the live day. This will give the presenters even broader exposure.