ACCESS CHINA is the most effective deal-making platform for Western pharma and biotech leaders looking to enter or expand in the Chinese market. ACCESS CHINA creates invaluable BD opportunities by directly connecting and meeting with the right partners for development, licensing or commercial collaborations.

YAFO Life Sciences (YLS) is the healthcare division of YAFO Capital, which is focused on helping leading U.S. and European biopharma and medtech companies to successfully enter the Asian market, especially in China and Japan. YLS also helps domestic pharma companies in global market research, targeting, and negotiation. Along with our local partners, YLS is dedicated to bridging the gap between global medical technologies and the Asian market. For more information regarding YAFO, go to:

CHBD is a leading non-profit organization of BDs from top pharma companies operating in China. With about 1,000 active members from the pharma industry, CHBD organizes different events throughout the year to help the communications of pharma BDers.  is the first organization to connect Pharma, Biotech & Medtech BDs in China with the rest of the world. With about 500 active members from the pharma industry, organizes various events (including ACCESS CHINA Forum) throughout the year to facilitate the communications of pharma BDers.