Jan 4 | South Korea Innovative Biotech Session

Kolon Life ScienceA leading Korean-based company focused on cell and gene therapy product development, pharmaceutical ingredients, and environmental biochemicals. Kolon Life Science (KLS) has developed for the first time in the world a cell and gene treatment for degenerative arthritis. KLS is also concentrating its research capacity in the field of gene medicine including neuropathic pain medicine and anti-cancer drugs. KLS will continue to promote its substantial growth through market expansion for its fields of business, alliance with global partners, and the development of new products.
Kanaph TherapeuticsKanaph Therapeutics is a biotech with activities that range from drug discovery to early stage clinical trials. We are dedicated to developing next generation therapeutics for oncology and autoimmune diseases. 
PharmAbcinePharmAbcine Inc. is a R&D based biotech company focusing on developing antibody therapeutics in oncology, ocular and vascular diseases by targeting angiogenesis or immuno-oncology area.
GENUVEstablished in 2016, Genuv Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharma in South Korea, that specializes in discovering and developing innovative therapeutics for highly debilitating diseases based on own platform technologies for drug discovery.
Our current research and development focus is on a) small molecule drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases through neurogenesis and neural homeostasis and b) antibody drugs for immuno-oncology treatment.
RednviaREDNVIA is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on transformative therapies for cardiovascular diseases, especially developing the RNV-1001 program (DA-1229/Evogliptin) as a treatment for CAVD (Calcific Aortic Valve Disease) that doesn’t have any approved therapy so far.
HysensBioThe company is developing novel peptide drug through regenerative therapy. Its leading pipeline KH001 treats tooth sensitivity by regenerating physiologic dentin. It is in search of partners for licensing out of KH001 to regional/worldwide territory except for South Korea.