OMEQ MEDICAL to Participate at ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum

By Yafo Life Sciences

January 11th, 2022 (Shanghai) — We are glad to announce that Lior Margalit, the CEO of OMEQ MEDICAL, has been invited to showcase at ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum during Jan 4th – Jan14th. ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum is the largest online corporate access event between China and the western biopharma industry.

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OMEQ MEDICAL is a startup company focused on revolutionizing outcomes for epidural injection procedures. Over 40 million epidural injections are administered annually worldwide. Unfortunately, in up to 30% of these cases, inaccurate initial needle placement occurs, resulting in ineffective drug delivery, multiple insertions and post procedure complications such as severe headaches and nerve damage. Omeq’s device for epidural injections, is a sensor-based, single-use epidural placement device for safe, accurate epidural injections. The simple, easy-to-use device integrates seamlessly with the standard technique and epidural kits allowing for quick adoption by clinicians. We successfully completed a first in human trial conducted in Israel and expecting to receive FDA clearance in Q2Y22.
Omeq Medical aims to change the standard of care in the epidural market using its innovative device to increase safety, accuracy and the quality of care.

About the speaker

Lior Margalit, CEO

BSc in Biomedical engineering and co-founder of OMEQ MEDICAL. Extensive experience in management of medical device startup companies including technology development, fund raising and business development of early-stage technologies.


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