Swiss Biotech Day – June 21 | Summer showcase 2022

iOnctura SAiOnctura SA是一家临床阶段的生物技术公司,正在开发用于治疗癌症和纤维化的下一代BIC产品管线,我们的主要候选产品是IOA-244(新一代PI3Kδ抑制剂)和IOA-289(一种新型自体细胞分裂素(ATX)抑制剂),这些产品正处于临床二期阶段。iOnctura SA is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of next generation, best-in-class molecules for the treatment of cancer and fibrosis. Our leading candidates are IOA-244( a next generation PI3Kδ inhibitor) and IOA-289 (a novel autotaxin (ATX) inhibitor), which are in clinical stages.
BioAlpsBioAlps 是瑞士西部的多元化生命科学协会,协会成员为来自该地区的生物技术、医疗技术、制药、营养和电子健康等领域的 1125 家公司。BioAlps is the diversified life sciences cluster of western Switzerland and represents 1125 companies from the region in the fields of biotech, medtech, pharma, nutrition and e-health.
NovochizolNovochizol SA是一家瑞士生物技术公司,拥有独特的壳聚糖纳米生物制剂技术。Novochizol SA开发了Novochizol的应用,这是一种独特的壳聚糖纳米粒子技术,可产生不同的小分子、肽、核酸和蛋白质载体,用于持续、局部传递到任何活体组织。Novochizol SA, a Swiss biotech company with a unique chitosan-based drug formulation nanotechnology. Novochizol SA researches and develops applications of Novochizol, a unique chitosan nanoparticle technology that yields different carriers of small molecules, peptides, nucleic acids and proteins for sustained, localized delivery to any living tissue, with intracellular targeting potential.
Wyss Center/ABILITYWyss Center 研究神经生物学、神经影像学和神经技术方面的创新和新方法。Wyss Center 目前的工作涉及癫痫、阿尔茨海默病和ALS(肌萎缩性脊髓侧索硬化症)或脑干中风导致的锁定综合症等适应症。ABILITY是一种可植入的脑机接口,用于恢复运动和交流,目前正处于临床前实验阶。By pursuing innovations and new approaches in neurobiology, neuroimaging and neurotechnology, Wyss Center reveal unique insights into the mechanisms underlying the dynamics of the brain and the treatment of disease. Wyss Center current work addresses indications such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and locked-in syndrome as a result of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or brainstem stroke. ABILITY is an implantable brain-computer interface to restore movement and communication in a preclinical trial.
Wyss Center/EpiosEpios为大脑疾病提供精确和个性化的管理。Epios推出了一个可用于日常生活中微创的24/7脑电图记录系统,适用于耐药性癫痫患者,目前处于临床研究阶段。Epios的平台技术将被部署到其他适应症(睡眠障碍、严重的慢性中风等),也将从神经感应转向实时干预以及治疗。Epios is providing precision and personalized management of brain disorders. As you can only manage what you can measure we are launching first a minimally invasive 24/7 electroencephalographic recording system for use outside the clinic. The first use case will be pre-surgical planning and treatment optimization to improve outcomes and cost of care for people living with epilepsy. Our platform technology will then be deployed in other indications (sleep disorders, severe chronic stroke …) moving also from neuro-sensing only to real-time intervention and finally therapeutics.
Promore PharmaPromore是一家纳斯达克上市,总部位于瑞典的生物制药公司,该公司主要开发用于治疗皮肤病和创面的多肽药物。目前,该公司正在开发分别用于治疗术后伤疤和下肢静脉溃疡的产品。
Promore pharma is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in the development of products for dermatology and/or wound care based on therapeutic peptides. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.
Target product is a First-in category prescription viscous hydrogel drug, indicating for the treatment of venous leg ulcers (VLUs) and diabetic foot ulcers. Phase II study is completed and phase III study aimed for start in 2023.
Rhizen PharmaceuticalsRhizen Pharmaceuticals是一家药物开发服务提供商,专注于开发治疗肿瘤和炎症性疾病的药物。该公司已经创建了一个多样化的专利候选药物管线,针对与几种癌症相关的癌蛋白和免疫相关的细胞途径,使患者能够获得更好的肿瘤和炎症治疗效果。Rhizen Pharmaceuticals is a provider of drug development services focused on developing therapeutic medicines for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases. The company has created a diverse pipeline of proprietary drug candidates targeting the oncoproteins associated with several cancers and immune-associated cellular pathways, enabling patients to get better treatment outcomes for cancer and inflammation.