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The Largest China Partnering Event During JPM 2023 | ACCESS CHINA BIOTECH FORUM

ACCESS CHINA has been held every quarter since 2020 and serves as a China cross-border corporate access platform. In its 2 years of bringing together international and China Biotech BDs and CEOs, ACCESS CHINA creates invaluable BD opportunities by directly connecting and meeting with the right partners for development, licensing or commercial collaborations. Our 12th ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum was held online and at San Francisco on Jan 4th – 20th, 2023 (JPM week).

This event include the following sessions

During the Online Roadshow session, we hosted 100 selected innovative biotech and pharma companies that were looking for out-licensing opportunities in China or globally. Over 1000 pharma BD persons attended the online event and sought licensing opportunities. There were limited free presenting opportunities for clinical stage novel drug assets. Each company was given 15mins to present their partnering opportunities after the conference committee’s approval.

During the Mixing Dinner Reception, we discussed current healthcare regulation changes, trends, and China investment/in(out)-licensing opportunities with exclusively invited company executives. All invited companies had ample experiences in licensing transactions and were currently looking for licensing in or out.

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Wendi Xiang


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Mixing Dinner Reception during JPM 

On January 15, 2020, YAFO Capital successfully held JPM China-US-Japan Mixing Dinner (East Meets West JPM Mixing Dinner) in San Francisco, USA. It was an unforgettable and extremely lucky event, as it was held just one week before the coronavirus explosion in 2020. Pharmaceutical companies and investors from all over the world gathered in San Francisco for JPM, unaware of the incredible impact that the quiet invasion of Covid-19 would have on the pharmaceutical industry’s future. 

Nearly 185 people attended the reception hosted by YAFO, gathered at the HarborView in San Francisco, with the participants including management from China (50 pharmaceutical companies), Japan (20 pharmaceutical companies), biotech companies from the US, Europe, and other countries overseas (80 companies), listed pharmaceutical companies, funds, and other institutions. At the dinner, YAFO invited representative business leaders from China, Japan, and the US to share in-depth insights and cooperation cases on cross-border transactions, which were well received.

Since then, our activities did not stop due to the coronavirus but started a new journey: the ACCESS China online roadshow event. Since the beginning of 2020, we have held 11 online events, accompanying you through two years. We have been inviting a total of more than 1000 domestic and overseas companies to conduct roadshows, and the number of attendees has only increased. This year, with everyone’s hope, we decided to re-open our offline gathering in San Francisco. The Mixing Dinner during the JPM 2023 conference ……

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