Tavotek to Present at ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum

May 16th, 2023 (Shanghai) — We are glad to announce that Mark Chiu, the President & CSO of Tavotek, has been invited to present at ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum on June 4th. ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum is the largest corporate access event between Asia and the western biopharma industry.

Please contact us if you would like to have 1 on 1 meeting with Tavotek.

About Tavotek

Tavotek is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, acquiring, developing, and commercializing therapeutic medicines for patients suffering from debilitating diseases with significant unmet medical needs. The company has R&D centres in Suzhou, China and Pennsylvania, USA. Our company management and advisors consist of veteran pharmaceutical executives with multiple prior successes in the development and commercialization of many blockbuster biologics currently in the market. Dr. Mann Fung, our Chief Executive Officer, is a former FDA drug review specialist with over 30 years of experience in drug development, clinical and management roles in multinational pharmaceutical companies. He then joined Johnson & Johnson as Global Vice President of Oncology Research and Development, where he led the clinical development and launch of the next generation small molecule BTK inhibitor ibrutinib and several other drugs. He was also a Venture Partner at Fidelity’s Stowe Capital. In addition, Dr. Mark Chiu, Chief Scientific Officer of Biotronik, is a senior scientist with a focus on protein engineering, having worked under two Nobel Laureates and spent nearly 35 years in the field of drug discovery and development, leading several key R&D departments at Johnson & Johnson and Abbott.

Tavotek’s innovative therapies are rooted in the exploration of cancer-causing mechanisms at their source.Tavotek has 3 diverse R&D platform for biologics: TavoSelect(Phage Display Library),TavoPrecise(Tissue-specific biologics engineering platform), and TavoELITE(Intracellular Undruggable Target platform). Along with these platforms, Tavotek has a rich and diverse pipeline of product candidates focused on cancers, autoimmune conditions, and infectious diseases in various stages of development.

We are globally connected with operations in Asia and North America. Our development strategy includes organic growth, biopharma collaboration, and potential clinical stage asset licensing.


拓创生物是一家拥有世界前沿蛋白质工程技术的多功能特异性抗体药物公司,专注肿瘤和自体免疫疾病领域。公司在苏州和美国宾州分别设有研发中心,核心团队成员均由来自于强生、雅培、葛兰素、礼来等知名跨国药企的业界资深人士及科学家组成,平均从业年限超过25年。拓创生物的创新性疗法扎根于对致癌机制的源头探索。公司的药物研发主要构建在三大创新突破技术平台上,分别为:自主研发的3D+AI的噬菌体生物库TavoSelect,支持双抗和多抗研发的蛋白工程平台TavoPrecise,以及专注于攻克胞内不可成药靶点创新平台TavoELITE。 凭借独特的创新研发能力、灵活的临床开发策略和高效的执行效率,拓创生物将为广大患者提供更有效且依从性更高的治疗方案。

About the speaker

Dr. Mark Chiu is the President of R&D as well as Chief Scientific Officer at Tavotek Biotherapeutics. He has nearly 35 years of experience in new drug discovery .Prior to joining Tavotek, Dr. Mark was the supervisor of multiple key R&D departments in Johnson & Johnson and Abbott, responsible for leading the early R&D of several blockbusting pharmaceutical products, for example Darzalex(Daratumumab)、Tremfya (Gesulkumab)、Remicade (Infliximab), Rybruvent (amivantamab), Teclistamab, Ciltacabtagene autoleucel, etc.One of the most iconic drugs, Rybrevant (amivantamab), the world’s third dual antibacterial drug, was developed by Dr Mark Chiu as the first inventor. 

Dr. Chiu began his career as a synthetic organic chemist at Microgenics developing rapid and robust diagnostic assays that are now utilized by Roche Diagnostics. In AbbVie/Abbott Laboratories, he led an Advanced Technology Team preparing full length mammalian membrane proteins (GPCRs, ligand gated and voltage gated ion channels, and transporters) for structure-function drug discovery studies. At Janssen, he led the Developability Team as part of lead optimization, and later transitioned to Antibody Engineering where he guided the development of therapeutic bispecific and multispecific antibodies and fusion proteins for Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Metabolic Diseases, and Chronic Infectious Diseases. His leadership resulted in more than 15 New Molecular Entities with 6 projects transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 3 trials. He fostered defense of numerous patents critical to both composition of matter and process patents. He also led a team that was responsible for analytical testing to support early and late phase development.

Dr. Chiu received his B.S. in Biophysics from University of California at Berkeley. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and then completed postdoctoral training at the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry at the Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich, Switzerland and the Department of Microbiology at the University of Basel Biocentre. Dr. Chiu had comprehensive training and extensive research experience in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, and biotechnology. He authored/co-authored over 20 patents and 100 publications in many prestigious journals, including research articles in Science and Nature. He has been members of grant review committees and is an editor for Current Protocols and Antibodies.


Mark Chiu博士是拓创生物的研发总裁和首席科学官。他在雅培实验室和杨森公司的新药研发方面拥有近35年的经验。在加入拓创之前,Mark博士曾在强生公司的制药部门——杨森担任生物制品工程和功能部的主管和生物制品研究部的抗体工程主管,负责多个突破性药物产品的早期研发,如:Darzalex(Daratumumab)、Tremfya (Gesulkumab)、Remicade (Infliximab), Rybruvent (amivantamab), Teclistamab, Ciltacabtagene autoleucel等。仅3年时间,就为强生研发出9个新分子实体 (NME)。其中最有代表性的全球第三款双抗药物Rybrevant(amivantamab)就是由Mark Chiu博士作为第一发明人主导研发。

Mark Chiu博士毕业于加州大学伯克利分校生物物理学士学位和伊利诺伊大学香槟分校生物化学博士学位。博士后时,师从2位诺贝尔奖得主Richard Ernst和Werner Arber教授。Mark博士在分子和细胞生物学、生物化学、生物物理学和生物技术方面有全面的培训和广泛的研究经验。他撰写、合作撰写了20多项专利,并在许多著名期刊上发表了100多篇文章,包括《Science》和《Nature》上的研究文章。曾担任多个重大科委会董事:宾大生物技术咨询董事成员和美国能源部基因生命路线图项目咨询专家等。目前还担任Current Protocols and Antibodies 的编辑。

About ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum

“ACCESS CHINA – Boston Forum @BIO” is scheduled to be held on June 4th and June 13th-15th, 2023, in Boston and online, respectively. This event is expected to be the largest Asia-themed gathering during the BIO Convention 2023. The main theme of the forum is Building Effective Partnerships in Asia: Strategies for Collaboration and Growth”. During the forum, we will cover a range of key topics include drug innovation, market trends, partnership models, and best practices for successful collaborations, etc.

Conference Name: ACCESS CHINA – Boston Forum @BIO

Date & Time: June 4, Sun. (Boston) and June 13-15 (Online)

Content: Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussion, Company Presentations, ChemPartner-ACCESS CHINA Dinner Reception

Scale: Expected 1000 participants Online, 150 participants onsite; 100 company roadshows

Participants: Pharma/Biotech senior management and BDs, investors.

View more information at https://biotochina.org/


 “ACCESS CHINA 药通中国-波士顿论坛@BIO”将于2023年6月4-15日在波士顿及线上举行的。此次论坛将是BIO Convention 2023大会期间最大的亚洲主题交流活动。在过去3年时间,药通中国已成功举办13届线上线下活动,帮助近千家公司在药通平台上展出。


大会日期:2023.6.4(周日,波士顿) 2023.6.13-15(线上)


大会规模:预计线上1000参会者; 线下150参会者; 100场公司路演


查看更多信息: https://biotochina.org/


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