Agenda (2021 Spring Forum)

Live session

March 18th-19th 09:00AM-12:00 PM (China time) / March 17th-18th 08:00PM-11:00 PM (Eastern time)

Replay session

March 18th-19th 08:00AM-11:00 AM (Eastern time) / March 18th-19th 02:00PM-05:00 PM (CET time)

Presenting Companies

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. (“SPH”) is a vertically-integrated and diversified pharmaceutical group. The company has dual listings on the stock exchanges in Shanghai (601607) and Hong Kong (02067) respectively. The company provides leading healthcare services in: Research & Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail. In 2019, SPH reported revenues of US$26.5bn, making the company one of the country’s major forces in the industry. SPH is one of the few listed pharmaceutical companies with a leading position in both manufacturing and distribution in China. It is included in the constituent stocks of the SSE 180, CSI 300 indices and MSCI.

Jingxin Pharmaceutical has a registered capital of 725 million yuan, total assets of 5.3 billion yuan and net assets of 3.6 billion yuan. The company has more than 3,300 employees. The company has two headquarters in Xinchang and Hangzhou. It has six production sites including the plant in Xinchang for finished medicines, the two API plants in Shangyu and Shangrao, the TCM production site in Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia, and the medical equipment production base of Shenzhen and Shenyang. Aside from that, the company also owns a breeding base in Yunnan. In Shanghai, the company has established its own research institute i n the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. Joint ventures and collaberated labs have also been founded over the years in the U.S.A., Denmark, Isereal, Korea as well as other countries.

Jiangsu Carephar Pharmaceutical is an innovative Chinese pharmaceutical. The company focus on digestive system, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and immune disease. In addition, the company has leading-in innovation research centers, rigorous patent portfolio, efficient large-scale generic drug development platform.

HitGen Inc. is a rapidly developing biotech company headquartered in Chengdu, China, with subsidiaries in Cambridge, UK and Houston, USA. It became a publicly listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2020 (ticker code 688222.SH). HitGen has established a drug discovery research platform centered on the design, synthesis and screening of DNA encoded chemical libraries (DELs), fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) and structure-based drug design (SBDD) technologies. HitGen’s DELs currently contains more than 1 trillion novel, diverse, drug-like small molecules and macrocyclic compounds. These compounds are members of DELs synthesized from many hundreds of distinct chemical scaffolds, designed with tractable chemistry, and have yielded proven results for the discovery of small molecule leads against precedented and unprecedented classes of biological targets.

Kintor is an anti-cancer drug developer. The company has a forward-looking layout of a diversified product pipeline including small molecule innovative drugs, biological innovative drugs and combination therapies, including 5 products that are undergoing clinical research and androgen receptor (AR) antagonists, ALK-1 monoclonal antibody, mTOR kinase targeting inhibitors and Hedgehog inhibitors, as well as AR-Degrader, c-Myc inhibitors and IDO inhibitors that are undergoing preclinical research. These products cover all stages from pre-clinical to clinical phase III, involving new coronary, prostate cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, hair loss and acne, etc.

Cosunter Pharmaceutical is a national hi-tech company focusing on the R&D and manufature of anti-HBV (hepatitis B virus) drugs. Founded in June 2001, it has now developed into a leading modern drug company with annual output value of over RMB 100 million yuan and tax paid of several dozens of million yuan. The company mainly produces crude drug and solid preparation, with forms of tablet, capsule, granule, medicinal tea etc. All production lines of the company passed the revised GMP certification in August 2014. On April 22, 2015, Cosunter Pharmaceutical was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300436), becoming the first company in Ningde, Fujian listed in the said exchange. By Nov. 11,2015, the market value of Cosunter has reached about 15.1 billion yuan.

Wuhan YZY Biopharma Co.,Ltd. is a leading biotechnology company founded in 2010. The company’s vision is to develop new class of innovative medicines based on breakthrough discovery in molecular biology. The company is committed to anti-tumor bispecific antibody development, of which three bispecific antibodies have been submitted IND application in China, and several innovative drugs are in pre-clinical stage. As the cmpany’s scientists continue to investigate molecular disease targets to impact a broad range of human cancer, the possibility of targeting these previously “undruggable” targets with Bispecific antibodies, is coming true and becoming part of new drug discovery.

AnHeart Therapeutics is an oncology-focused clinical stage biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Hangzhou, China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and New York. The company’s pipeline consists of three clinical stage assets: Taletrectinib, a next-gen ROS1 and NTRK inhibitor currently in Phase 2; an mIDH1 inhibitor ready for Phase 2 for low grade glioma, cholangiocarcinoma, AML and other tumors; and an AXL inhibitor in Phase 1 for overcoming resistance in various tumors.

OnQuality Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to pioneering the discovery and development of mechanism-based therapies that have the potential to improve both quality-of-life and outcomes for cancer patients by managing the dose-limiting toxicities of cancer therapeutics.

Virogin Biotech is a clinical-stage oncolytic virus company focused on novel engineering of the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) to generate strong and durable anti-tumor immune response against solid tumors. The company’s lead program, VG161, is an oncolytic HSV-1 designed to encode a novel combination of cytokines (IL12/IL15/IL15RA) and a PD-L1 blocking peptide that together induces a robust cytotoxic immune response and leads to systemic anti-tumor effects. Virgin Biotech is also developing an oncolytic HSV-1 that is uniquely engineered to enhance tumor-specific replication and payload expression. Due to the high payload capacity to include additional transgenes, the company has developed a differentiated HSV-1 oncolytic virus platform with the ability to design multiple therapeutic products.

Founded in June 2015, ImmuneOnco is registered in Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Park. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of tumor immunotherapy products, including monoclonal antibodies against immune regulatory targets and armed target specific NK cells. The company firmly believes that these products can help conquer cancer and bring hope for the cancer patients.

Convalife (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Convalife) is derived from a Latin word Va’lere, which means “to be strong, be well, and be healthy”. Convalife is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel drugs to treat diseases especially for cancer and aging disease.

Sinocelltech own 19 years history and biotechnology accumulation, independently developed 23 products in current pipeline and own significant cost-competitive advantage, many of them reach the final stage of approval now.

Wayshine Biopharm is a multinational drug research and development company,dedicated to independently developing innovative drugs for cancer treatment. Targeting unique mechanisms of action of hallmarks of brain cancer, Wayshine Biopharm has established three pipelines to discover and develop innovative drugs that cross the blood-brain barrier through to proof-of-concept, and for rare disease area-brain cancer and cancers with CNS metastasis.

Nanjing Sanhome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, established in1996, is a key high-tech enterprise of China gathering R&D of new drug, pharmaceutical production and marketing into one. The company headquarters is located in the coast of the Yangtze River—Nanjing, the capital for 6dynasties. There are over 2 thousand staffs, including 87% employee with bachelor degree or above, among them, over hundred employees with doctor or master degree are here, and the staffs who undertake high-tech R&D and industrialization in the company are more than 300 people. Sanhome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd has now a dozen kinds of production line of potion including: tablet, granule, capsule, lyophilized powder injection, powder injection ointments, large-capacity injection and small-capacity injection and so on. More than 30 kinds of drugs sale in domestic market.

Founded in 2017, Mabwell (Shanghai) Bioscience Co., Ltd is a biopharmaceutical company consisting of 9 subsidiary companies, primary focusing on antibody therapeutics, long-acting protein therapeutics’ R&D and manufacturing.  The company has over 10 pipeline products in the TA of onco, auto immune, infectious disease and ocular disease. The 1st commercial launch is expected in 2021.

Beijing Syngentech is a biotech start-up rooted from Tsinghua University with a sharp focus on the utilization of synthetic biology to enhance live therapeutics such as oncolytic and cell therapies to treat cancers differently.

Wuhan Langlay Science & Technology is a clinical-stage biotechnology company specialized in the discovery and development of small molecule medicines with new MOA,aiming to create impactful medicines that will be accessible and affordable to patients around the world fulfilling unmet medical needs. The company’s pipeline comprises all Phases studies, pre-clinical studies and discovery programs in inflammation, fibrosis, and other indications.

Founded in 2016, Mabgeek is a biotech company devoted to innovative antibody drug R&D focusing on respiratory and immunological field. Mabgeek has a rich pipeline with asthma and atopic dermatitis as the core, while covering nephropathy related fields,

Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (TIPR)was initially founded in 1959 as an affiliated public institute of cFDA(now NMPA)in pharmaceutical industry. In 2018, TIPR joined the China Merchants’ Group (CMG) after mixed-ownership reform to be the subsidary member of CMG. Over the past decageds, TIPR has dedicated to develop novel drugs and generics in treatment of metabolic disorder, infections, cardiovasulcar diseases and pain management. Currently, TIPR is exploring opportunity with overseas parters either licensing in or licensing out.