Jan 12 | Oncology/Immunotherapy

Nordic NanovectorWe develop innovative targeted therapies using our proprietary CD37 platform that are designed to advance the treatment of patients with haematological cancers and immunological diseases
Elixiron ImmunotherapeuticsElixiron Immunotherapeutics employs advances in translational medicine to identify targets from clinical observations, and various drug modalities including biologics from phage display and single human B cell cloning platforms, to develop innovative therapies for cancer and immunological diseases. See our Pipeline of therapeutics under development below to learn more about our commitment to bring better, next-generation as well as new first-in-class immunotherapies to patients.
Hinova Pharmaceuticals IncHinova is a global, clinical-stage company focused on the discovery and development for unmet medical needs. With its PROTAC platform and a team of  professionals with global pharma R&D experience, Hinova is advancing a pipeline consisting of best-in-class and first-in-class assets for the treatment of cancers and metabolic diseases
Qyuns TherapeuticsThe company is a biotech company focuses on developing high-quality antibody drugs for the treatment of autoimmune and allergic diseases. Currently, 10 programs are under developing and cover the indication like Ps, AS, IBD, AD, Athsma, etc. Qyuns started running manufacturering facilities since Oct. 2020 with 4*2000L DS lines and 2 DP lines.
Wuhan Binhui Biopharmaceutical Co., LtdFounded in 2010, Binhui Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a leading independent company of oncolytic virus immunotherapy in China, devoting to research and development in OV for more than ten years. The company created the oncolytic virus (OV) technology platform, its first product has obtained 3 IND approvals for OV mono and combo therapies, and is the only product  conducted multiple Phase II clinical trials for mono and combo therapies with OV in various indications in China, which showed promising therapeutic effect. Based on leading oHSV2 immunotherapy platform, the company owns various pipeline and actively develop viral vector vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, and nucleic acid vaccine, and develop potential applications from OV based platform.
The company has production workshop in line with GMP standards and FDA and NMPA agreed production process. Mastering full value chain from research to production could fulfill the process the clinical research and industrialization.
The company has visionary founder and experienced international management team. It is favored by Fortune Capital, Lapam Capital, Lepu Medical, Share Capital, CICG, Vertex Ventures and SZVC and other reputable venture capital and industry funds, supporting the development of company.
Shenzhen EnduringShenzhen Enduring Biotech TD (SZEB, or KYJY) is a research-based biotech established by accomplished scientists  of drug PEGylation. Our heritage of science, curiosity and passion has enabled us to develop innovative therapies to fight life threatening diseases. Built on our patented double-site-specific pegylation technology (DSP), our pipeline forms a robust portfolio of investigational therapies at varied development stages.
Vivan TherapeuticsVivan therapeutics replicates cancer in whole animals and generates data from mass drug screening. Vivans novel technology is being used for drug discovery and R&D, as well as improving patient outcomes by enabling every cancer patient to find their most effective drug combination.
MedannexMedannex is an award-winning Scottish biopharmaceutical company committed to unlocking the therapeutic potential of targeting annexin-A1.
Lanthio PharmaLanthio Pharma is an innovative peptide therapeutics company, an SME located in the north of the Netherlands.
ConvalifeHealth is one of the basic human needs. China has a great demand for innovative drugs, which can meet the global unmet medical needs. Convalife (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Convalife) is derived from a Latin word Va’lere, which means “to be strong, be well, and be healthy”. Convalife is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel drugs to treat diseases especially for cancer and aging disease. Our mission is to design and develop the First-in-Class or Best-in-Class potential innovative drugs to create value for better life.