Jan 13 | Platform technology/Women Health/Other

Oryn TherapeuticsThe company is a clinical-stage company developing a new class of drug candidates, Orynotides. These proprietary drug candidates are engineered, stable, cyclic peptides with very low immunogenicity and toxicity. 
PersonGenPersonGen is a Chinese BioTech company aiming to develop high efficacy but low-cost cellular therapeutics that cancer patients really need. Founded in 2010, PersonGen has turned into a state-level high-tech enterprise focusing on developing first-in-class and best-in-class CAR-T cell drugs. Its R&D center is equipped with state-of-art of cell therapy and molecular biology infrastructure. Its Cell Manufacturing center is armed with a pipeline in accordance with national NMPA standard including a GMP workshop for CAR-T cell production, a GMP workshop for plasmid and lentivirus production and purification, a P2 safety laboratory, and a quality control laboratory. In addition of equipped with the outstanding facilities, PersonGen’s team of R&D and cellular industrialization is technically competent with strong expertise in cell therapeutics. Until now, PersonGen has independently developed several first-in-class and best-in-class therapeutic cellular products, covering most hematological tumors and some solid tumors.  Among them, first-in-class PA3-17 injection for T-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma is the first autologous CD7-CAR-T cell drug candidate in the world that was approved for registered clinical trials, and it was designated as an orphan drug by the US FDA; the TAA06 cell injection, developed for treating solid tumors in children and adults, has demonstrated outstanding tumor clearance efficacy in preclinical studies, and is now entering into the IND application phase in China as well as is planning clinical trials overseas.
Nanjing Anji BiotechAnji Biotech was founded in 2012. We mainly focus on innovative Peptide drugs Discovery (Polypeptides and Micropeptides). In the past 10 years, we have establish a strong Preclinical R&D platform based on our two main Techniques: Micropeptides and New Targets Discovery technique, and New Peptides structure design technique. In addition to the evaluation platform with GMP cell rooms and SPF animal experiment labs. Our experts team have more than 20 years in Peptide drugs discovery and research. These foundations results in a number of assets under development, some of them has started clinical trial. We have applied for more than 86 patents in China, Australia, USA, European Union, and Japan.
Coastar TherapeuticsCoastar Therapeutics is a biotech company based in San Diego, California. Our cell membrane coating technology enables therapeutic viruses and other biological payloads to avoid immune clearance and be safely delivered to tumor & disease sites. Our technology has a wide range of application in cancer immunotherapy and gene therapy. We are VC backed and currently raising our Series A. 
Lena BiosciencesLena Biosciences™ provides a next generation 3D cell culturing platform.  The perfused, oxygen-rich environment simulates human body biology and improves efficacy and safety predictions for novel drugs and patient-specific treatments.
PharmaBiomePharmaBiome is pioneering the development of next-generation microbiome-based therapies. Our research gave rise to a unique combination of ecological insights into the microbiome and a cutting edge production technology, with the potential to deliver live biotherapeutics for inflammatory diseases and oncology.
Inorbit Therapeutics abInOrbitTX is a virtual drug discovery and development entity focussed on the treatment of fatty liver diseaese NAFLD / NASH.  InorbitTX currently runs two projects.  Its lead project, the FXR agonist IOT022 is currently in IND enabling studies. Its second project, the KetoHexoKinase project is in late lead optimisation.
BYOMass, Inc.BYOMass is a preclinical pharmaceutical company developing novel biologic and first-in-class small molecule drug candidates to modulate specific members of the TGF-Beta superfamily beyond TGF-Beta itself, for the treatment of orphan and common diseases.   BYOMass is Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical company developing novel biologics and first-in-class small molecule drug candidates with compelling human biology to modulate major unaddressed TGF-𝛃 superfamily targets, with particular emphasis in Women’s Health, including selectively targeting Growth Differentiation Factors (GDFs) and Activins, for orphan and common indications with high unmet medical need.  BYOMass was founded by Dr. Margaret Jackson in 2017, who has led multiple drug discovery and drug development programs efforts in her twenty-year career as a drug developer, primarily at Pfizer. 
BYOMass has raised $15 million in venture and grant funds.  Since inception, CEO Margaret Jackson, PhD (ex-Pfizer) and her virtual team have advanced two antibodies to candidate nomination and two others are ~3-6 months behind.  These programs have completed assessments of safety, PK, and in vivo pharmacology including rodents and primates.  The company currently is raising a Series B round and aims to partner one or two of its leading programs while it focuses on the balance of its pipeline, which includes bispecific antibodies (outside of oncology) and first-in-class small molecule programs with aim to nominate candidates in 2022.
Selectively targeting the GDF and Activin Pathways enables new classes of therapeutics within Women’s Health, fibrotic, oncology, inflammatory/immune, and metabolic diseases. BYOMass are delivering in a new era of anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotics, anti-catabolic, anabolics, and appetite modulators. The company has a total of six home-grown preclinical programs. Each program has translatable biomarkers, transformative efficacy and an exquisitely safe profile.
Immunwork, IncThe company was founded by Dr. Tse Wen Chang in 2014 to pioneer the next generation of targeted therapy. The proprietary T-E drug design platform was developed to design a new class of multifunctional T-E pharmaceuticals to address the therapeutic needs in diabetes, obesity, NASH, multiple types of cancers, pathological blood clot diseases, and other severe clinical conditions. Aiming to file our first IND product in 2023, we have 5 candidates in IND enabling phase. We are seeking partners to in-license or co-develop our assets.
AntisenseAntisense Therapeutics is an Australian publicly-listed biotechnology company, developing and commercializing antisense pharmaceuticals for large unmet markets in rare diseases. The products are in-licensed from Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: IONS), an established leader in antisense drug development.