Keynote Speech | AC Jan 2022

Speech Topic: The Emergence of China Biotech Innovation


Cynthia Wang, the General Manager of the I&BD Department of SERVIER (China) (施维雅中国)

Speech Topic: New Era of Innovation and Differentiatio


Jiaxi Xu, the Chief Analyst of Industrial Securities(兴业证券)

Speech Topic: Cross-border Licensing Annual review


Sean Jiang, the CEO and Founder of YAFO Capital (雅法资本)

Speech Topic: Status Quo and Future Development of Cell Therapy in China

演讲题目 :细胞疗法在中国的现状与未来

Richard Wang, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Neukio Biotherapeutics(星奕昂生物)

Speech Topic: Advances in Gene Therapy and Future Prospect


Alvin Luk, the CEO of NEUROPHTH THERAPEUTICS Inc.(纽福斯生物)

Speech Topic: China to Global—License out strategy

演讲题目 :License-out: 中国企业面对MNC的谈判策略

Andy Fu, the Co-Founder & CBO of OnCusp Therapeutics(昂阔医药)

Speech Topic: Chinese Large-cap Pharma License-in/out Strategy-Huadong Medicine Perspectives

演讲题目:中国大型药企license-in/out的交易策略 – 华东医药视角

Richard Yu, the General Manager of the I&BD Department of Huadong Medicine(华东医药)

Speech Topic:  Translating Immunology into New Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases

Hung-Kai Kevin Chen, Chairman & CEO (Elixiron Immunotherapeutics)

Speech Topic:   Israel as a tech-hub for medical technologies

      Ofir Hazut (Trendlines,  VP Business Development) 

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