Featured Presentations | AC Jan 2022

 Alphamab Oncology
    Colin LIN (Head of Business Development) 

    Hyunsun Park (CBO) 

 Kolon Life Science
    Donghee Sun (BD) 

 Kanaph Therapeutics
    Wonjae Lee (Senior BD) 

    Hoonmo Lee (CEO) 

 Lytix Biopharma
    Jørund Sollid (CBO) 

 WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    Walter Korz (Chief Operations Officer) 

    Moayed Hamza (Senior Medical Director) 

    Nayyar Hussain (CEO & Founder) 

 Recovery Plus
    JunYin (R&D) 

 Yuanxi Medicine
    Hanwei Yin (Director of R&D) 

 Fapon Biopharma
    Hao Zhang (BD head) 

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