Novamab to Present at ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum

May 16th, 2023 (Shanghai) — We are glad to announce that Wan Yakun, the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Novamab, has been invited to present at ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum on June 4th. ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum is the largest corporate access event between Asia and the western biotech industry.

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About Novamab

Shanghai Novamab Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is an innovative biopharmaceutical enterprise dedicated to the research and development of single domain antibody (sdAb) drugs. Novamab has independently created five core technology platforms: sdAb rapid screening platform, Pichia pastoris based CMC platform, biological drug inhalation platform, long-acting sdAb platform and bispecific/multispecific sdAb platform.

Novamab has developed more than 10 sdAb drugs covering respiratory, anti-infection, ophthalmology and oncology. LQ036 (anti IL-4Rα) and LQ043 (anti TSLP) have overturned the existing treatment methods for respiratory diseases, both of which are the world’s first inhalable sdAb drug for their respective target. Phase I trials of LQ036 have been conducted in China and Australia, both demonstrating excellent safety and tolerability. The LQ036 IND files for COPD treatment will be submitted soon. In addition, phase I trial of LQ043 in China has completed the dosing of the third group of subjects. Most moderate to severe asthmatics would benefit from the LQ036 and LQ043 considering their mechanism of action.



洛启生物已经开发了数十种纳米抗体药物,管线涵盖呼吸系统、抗感染、眼科和肿瘤等领域。在研产品LQ036及LQ043颠覆了现有呼吸类疾病的治疗方式,均为同靶点的全球首创吸入式纳米抗体药物。LQ036已在中国和澳洲开展临床 I 期试验,人体试验表现出优异的安全性及耐受性;并在积极布局 COPD 适应症。另外,LQ043中国临床I期已完成第三组受试者给药。LQ043 是对 LQ036 患者群体的补充,两个项目覆盖了全部中重度哮喘人群;LQ043 是更广谱的哮喘和潜在的 COPD 纳米抗体治疗药物。

About the speaker

Dr.Wan Yakun is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Shanghai Novamab Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. He completed his postdoctoral training at the University of Texas at Austin and Baylor College of Medicine. He also served as a researcher at the Institute of Systems Biology in the United States.

Dr.Wan Yakun has been committed to sdAb research for more than 17 years, with extremely rich experience in sdAb projects. He enjoys a high reputation and popularity in the field of sdAb. He had participated in the development of dozens of sdAb drugs, with one of them entering industrialization and 8 entering different clinical stages. He has applied more than 80 patents on sdAb, and published over 60 high level SCI papers. He was selected as the Hundred Talents Program of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences and as outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship talents in Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone etc.




About ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum

“ACCESS CHINA – Boston Forum @BIO” is scheduled to be held on June 4th and June 13th-15th, 2023, in Boston and online, respectively. This event is expected to be the largest Asia-themed gathering during the BIO Convention 2023. The main theme of the forum is Building Effective Partnerships in Asia: Strategies for Collaboration and Growth”. During the forum, we will cover a range of key topics include drug innovation, market trends, partnership models, and best practices for successful collaborations, etc.

Conference Name: ACCESS CHINA – Boston Forum @BIO

Date & Time: June 4, Sun. (Boston) and June 13-15 (Online)Content: Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussion, Company Presentations, ChemPartner-ACCESS CHINA Dinner Reception

Scale: Expected 1000 participants Online, 150 participants onsite; 100 company roadshows

Participants: Pharma/Biotech senior management and BDs, investors.

View more information at https://biotochina.org/


 “ACCESS CHINA 药通中国-波士顿论坛@BIO”将于2023年6月4-15日在波士顿及线上举行的。此次论坛将是BIO Convention 2023大会期间最大的亚洲主题交流活动。在过去3年时间,药通中国已成功举办13届线上线下活动,帮助近千家公司在药通平台上展出。


大会日期:2023.6.4(周日,波士顿) 2023.6.13-15(线上)


大会规模:预计线上1000参会者; 线下150参会者; 100场公司路演


查看更多信息: https://biotochina.org/

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