PharmaSolux Biotech to Present at ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum

May 22th, 2023 (Shanghai) — We are glad to announce that Shuang Pan, the Head of Bioanalytical & CMC Analytical Development of PharmaSolux Biotech, has been invited to present at ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum on June 4th. ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum is the largest corporate access event between Asia and the western biotech industry.

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About PharmaSolux Biotech

PharmaSolux Biotech (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a biotech company that focuses on the development of world-leading tumor therapeutic drugs. Professor Lai Hung-sen, founder and chairman, has decades of research experience in computational chemistry, biochemistry, and peptide drug design & synthesis. He has also deeply involved in developing several new drug inventions that have entered the stage of human clinical trials. The company’s core team members all have more than decades of pharmaceutical industry experience. PharmaSolux has a rich product pipeline with a small-molecule immuno-oncology drug that has won an award from The National Cancer Institute in the US. This product was also highly praised by the Chief of Fox Chase Cancer Center. In addition, the company has cooperated with the world’s top tumor research institutions and scientists to develop the rich and solid pre-clinical platforms that can be applied for multiple indications. Three R&D platforms have been deployed. The PROTAC platform and the PDC platform are two successful cases of new drugs. The SMDC is an emerging drug coupling technology. All products are FIC or BIC, with global rights. And the company focuses on the global market, has rich patent portfolios and strong patent protection.


致谨生物科技(无锡)有限公司是一家专注于开发世界前沿的肿瘤治疗药物的公司。董事长赖宏森教授有数十年计算化学、生物化学、多肽药物设计合成等领域专长和经验,多个新药发明已进入人体临床试验阶段;公司核心成员均拥有超过数十年的行业从业经验。具有丰富的产品管线。明星产品,小分子免疫肿瘤药物获得了美国NCI的奖项;与世界顶级的肿瘤研究机构和科学家合作,受到了如Fox Chase癌症中心主任的高度赞誉。丰富、坚实的临床前验证,可拓展多项适应症。布局了3项研发平台,PROTAC平台;PDC平台,该平台已有两个新药的成功案例;SMDC是一种新兴的药物偶联技术。所有产品均为FIC或BIC,具有全球权益,公司关注于全球市场。拥有丰富的专利组合及强有力的专利保护。

About the speaker

Dr. Pan Shuang has been committed to the study of mechanisms and translational outcomes of tumor research, with nearly twenty published articles. Currently, Dr. Pan is mainly responsible for the laboratory construction and management of PharmaSolux and its collaborating company Bach Bioscience.

In 2019, she joined the R&D team of Professor Bachovchin at Tufts University in the United States, focusing on the synthesis analysis and drug development of small molecule drugs containing boronic acid. During this time, she worked with multiple listed pharmaceutical companies such as AVACTA and Point Biopharma, mainly responsible for CMC and drug analysis, and pushed two drugs in the team to clinical phase I in a short period of time. Dr. Pan discovered a cocktail antioxidant, which is crucial for the synthesis of boron-based nuclear drugs to ensure the purity of the drugs exceeds 95% at high temperatures. During the drug development process, Dr. Pan provided technical support and troubleshooting for multiple RD institutions such as the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC, Canada), CanProbe (Canada), Wuxi (China), NCK (Denmark), and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI, USA).

Dr. Pan graduated from China Medical University with a Bachelor of Clinical Medicine and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


潘双博士一直致力于肿瘤领域机制研究及成果转化,发表文章近二十篇。2019年,加入美国塔弗茨大学 Bachovchin 教授的研发团队,专注于含硼酸的小分子药物合成分析及药物研发。其间和AVACTA和Point Biophama等多家上市药企合作,主要负责CMC及药物分析等工作,并将团队里两个药物在短时间内推进至临床I期。基于放射性核素诊断和治疗药物研发过程中,潘博士发现了一种鸡尾酒抗氧化剂,这项发现对于合成硼酸核素药物至关重要,能确保在高温下基于硼酸的核素药物的纯度超过95%。同时,潘博士为合作的多个研发机构(如Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC, Canada)、CanProbe (Canada)、Wuxi (China)、NCK(Denmark)和Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI, USA)等)提供技术支持并故障排除。目前潘博士主要负责致谨生物及合作的Bach Bioscience公司的实验室搭建和管理工作。潘博士毕业于中国医科大学,取得临床医学学士,生物化学与分子生物学博士学位。

About ACCESS CHINA Boston Forum

“ACCESS CHINA – Boston Forum @BIO” is scheduled to be held on June 4th and June 13th-15th, 2023, in Boston and online, respectively. This event is expected to be the largest Asia-themed gathering during the BIO Convention 2023. The main theme of the forum is Building Effective Partnerships in Asia: Strategies for Collaboration and Growth”. During the forum, we will cover a range of key topics include drug innovation, market trends, partnership models, and best practices for successful collaborations, etc.

Conference Name: ACCESS CHINA – Boston Forum @BIO

Date & Time: June 4, Sun. (Boston) and June 13-15 (Online)

Content: Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussion, Company Presentations, ChemPartner-ACCESS CHINA Dinner Reception

Scale: Expected 1000 participants Online, 150 participants onsite; 100 company roadshows

Participants: Pharma/Biotech senior management and BDs, investors.

View more information at https://biotochina.org/


 “ACCESS CHINA 药通中国-波士顿论坛@BIO”将于2023年6月4-15日在波士顿及线上举行的。此次论坛将是BIO Convention 2023大会期间最大的亚洲主题交流活动。在过去3年时间,药通中国已成功举办13届线上线下活动,帮助近千家公司在药通平台上展出。


大会日期:2023.6.4(周日,波士顿) 2023.6.13-15(线上)


大会规模:预计线上1000参会者; 线下150参会者; 100场公司路演


查看更多信息: https://biotochina.org/

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