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ACCESS CHINA Forum @ JPM WEEK 2021 was held online from January 4th to 22nd, 2021.

This 3-week event was the largest China corporate access event during this year.

Event Highlights

  • 100 Company Presentations: 70 Global Biopharma , 30 Chinese Biopharma Companies
  • 30+Keynote Speeches: Policy & Regulation, Industry Trend and Landscape, Transactions, Innovation
  • 1000+ Participants: China Biotech, Pharma, Financial Investors; Global Investors and Biopharma
  • 500+ 1×1 meetings: 1×1 System for YAFO Clients and Investors
  • Other Features:  Swiss Innovation Day and Israel Healthcare Showcase

Company roadshows are divided into ten different therapeutical sessions and three special sessions:

  • Oncology (3 sessions)
  • Ophthalmology / orthopedics
  • Material / Platform Technology
  • IVD / Medical Devices
  • Autoimmune disease
  • CNS / Cardiovascular
  • Cell Therapy / Rare Disease
  • Genitourinary / gynecology / pediatric
  • Dermatology  /  Respiratory / Infectious Disease
  • Digestive System / Endocrine / NASH
  • Swiss Innovation Day
  • Israel Healthcare Showcase
  • MNC Track

ACCESS CHINA is the most effective deal-making platform for Western pharma and biotech leaders looking to enter or expand in the Chinese market. ACCESS CHINA creates invaluable BD opportunities by directly connecting and meeting with the right partners for development, licensing or commercial collaborations.


For Global Biopharma Companies

No need to wait for months to spend time and money for a physical event in China. As ACCESS CHINA has several Online Partnering Day events through the year, you are welcome to join us when you are ready.

For Chinese Biopharma Companies

ACCESS CHINA has strong coverage of pharmaceutical and biotech companies from North America, Europe, MENA, Japan, Korea, and etc. This offers you an ideal channel to meet with potential out-licensing or commercial partners in different regions.

Live Day

During the live showcase held at ACCESS CHINA Online Partnering Day, presenters can discuss their pipeline, R&D activities, fundraising goals, and expectations from China market. Event audiences will come from 2,000+ BD Directors & Executives from biopharma companies and PE/VCs.

Replay Day

For investors missing the live presentations, a replay-day will be arranged one week later. This will give the presenters even broader exposure.

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